"Early Harvest Fresh Mozuku" is the sprout of Okinawa Mozuku. It is a premium mozuku that is selected and harvested by a skilled fisherman just before the last stage of ripening.
Thin but slick and firm premium "Early Harvest Fresh Mozuku" is a sea vegetable with plenty of minerals.

Before advancements in refrigeration technology, "Early Harvest Fresh Mozuku" was too thin to be suitable for salting and was not sold to a broad market, so only islanders could eat it.
Now that refrigeration technology has advanced, we can introduce it to many people.

Mozuku on Izena Island is managed by the Izena Fisheries Cooperative, from seeding, cultivation, harvesting, and processing.The harvested mozuku is carefully washed with water at the factory on the island, and is visually screened for foreign material before packing. Since it has already been cleaned, you can enjoy it without washing it.

Unlike salted Mozuku, there is no need to remove any salt. It is very convenient because you can use it as it is without washing and it is suitable for any dish. Vinegar mozuku is a common mozuku dish, but fresh mozuku also goes well with dashi, so you can put it right in miso soup and Japanese stews, or use its sticky texture to mix it with natto or hot spring eggs, or chop it and add it to fresh greens. The variations are endless.